Kurka Andrew: Sakhalin is like Alaska

Эндрю Курка: Сахалин похож на Аляску
Athletes of the US Paralympic Team arrived in Sakhalin to participate in the Sakhalin 2020 World Para Alpine World Cup. The team will be represented at the competition by Kunkel Allison, Walsh Thomas, Wood Spencer, as well as two famous skiers - the winner and medalist of the Paralympics in Pyeongchang, Kurka Andrew, as well as the winner and medalist of the Paralympic Games in Torino, Vancouver, Sochi and Pyeongchang, Laurie Stephens. “I brought four pairs of skis and two mono skis with me. I need all of them to show the best results in different disciplines. I will try to improve my previous result here: I came to the finish line third at the recent competitions in Slovenian Kranjska Gora,” - said Laurie Stephens. According to American athletes, they have not been to Sakhalin before. However, we tried to learn more about the island region before arriving. - Sakhalin is very similar to my homeland Alaska. The mountains are the same and the temperature is very similar, so I feel at home,” - said Kurka Andrew. - My main competitors at the World Cup Stage will be Norwegian Pedersen Jesper, Russian Aleksey Bugaev and athlete from our team Walsh Thomas. The day after arriving in Sakhalin, athletes took part in a practical lesson as part of a training seminar led by President of the International Federation of Rescuers Sardelli Luca (Italy). It was dedicated to developing emergency response measures that may arise during the competition. “We will show you what you should do if one of the participants falls on the track,” - said Sardelli Luca. - You have to prepare and evacuate a para athlete who has been injured. Do not forget that your team members should clearly know their roles. You must tell the athlete what you are going to do and what it is for. Your actions should be very delicate and careful. Kurka Andrew from the USA, who is preparing to participate in the World Cup stage, helped the rescuers to work out the emergency. According to him, he often fell on the slopes, so he would be happy to share his knowledge with local rescuers so that they knew what problems they might face during the competition. - The purpose of the exercises was to simulate a situation where a para athlete needs urgent help on a slope. The guys did everything right, they have a good team. I came to ski well in competitions. But it will be a wonderful trip if I manage to help the locals with something” - said Kurka Andrew. Sardelli Luca confirmed opinion of the para athlete. The president of the international rescue federation analyzed actions of the Sakhalin team and commended it. “Everything was OK,” - the specialist summed up.