Sakhalin Rescue Crews Receive Special Training Certificates Ahead of World Cup

Сахалинским спасателям торжественно вручили сертификаты о прохождении обучения перед Этапом Кубка мира
A two-day workshop for rescuers involved in the Sakhalin-2020 World Para Alpine Skiing World Cup has wrapped up in the island region. The Italy-born president of the International Federation of Rescuers, Luca Sardelli, shared his knowledge and experience with Sakhalin's rescue crews.
The workshop's participants completed a theoretical course and also took part in practical exercises.

Lectures included presentations and videos about the most common injuries among athletes with impairments. For the practical component, the rescuers worked out emergency situations on the slopes of Gorny Vozdukh ski resort with the help of competitors who had already arrived in Sakhalin. 
“You are all great professionals. I am glad that I did not only share my experience with you, but also could learn something new from you. However, the most important thing are not my compliments, but the words of Para athletes who said that you acted professionally, quickly and very delicately. They really liked it," Sardelli said.

Before the seminar, journalists asked the Italian specialist whether such a short workshop could be effective. In response, the president of the International Federation of Rescuers noted the professionalism of Sakhalin specialists and added: “If we had started from scratch, this time, of course, would not be enough. But all the participants in the seminar have extensive experience, and they only needed to clarify some of the nuances of working with Para athletes. Unfortunately, I have to leave and I will not be able to attend the World Cup stage, but I promise that I will do my best to come to Sakhalin again.”

At the end of the workshop all of its 30 participants got certificates confirming completion of the training.